A beautiful model is selling her virginity to the highest bidder because she says she wants to make her mum proud.

Mahbuba Mammadzada, 23, one of Azerbaijan’s most successful models, wants to use the money to pay for a house for her mum and finance her studies abroad. The model said: “My mum did everything for me, now it is my turn. I want her to be proud of me.”

She is auctioning through the Cinderella Escorts agency which specialises in mediating between women prepared to cash in on their virginity and wealthy potential clients.

Ms Mammadzada, who registered with the agency under the nickname of Maria, recorded a video in which she explained her plans.

She said that he hoped to sell her virginity for at least 100,000E, or £89,888, to buy a house for her mum, fund her university degree abroad, and travel the world.

Ms Mammadzada has a certified medical note confirming her virginity. Cinderella Escorts would reportedly take up to 20 percent of the money as their part of the deal.

The model, currently based in Turkey, hopes to work with the Brave Model agency, based in the Italian city of Milan, but says she still wants to help her family back at home.

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