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Nigerian Artiste, Who Took His Sex Doll To The Mall, Slams Hater (Photos)

Some few days back, a certain Nigerian artiste, Shuga Shaa, pulled massive crowd when he took his sex doll, Tontoh to Ikeja City Mall.

Remember Shuga Shaa had earlier unveiled the sex doll to the world when he took its delivery and he had named it Tontoh.

The artiste who took to his social media timeline to make the announcement had posted:

”Welcome to Nigeria TONTOH … at least am finally free from sharing peoples girlfriends no more late night tears or worries, TONTOH will not cheat on me ��‍♂️��‍♂️������”

Some days after that, he took his baby on a ride to Ikeja City Mall and this didn’t go well with some Nigerians who called him out for seeking fame in a desperate manner.

He however responded with another post:

“Some one is my beloved country Nigeria bought a goat wore the goat gold chains worth millions peacefully secretly the goat is richer than most Nigerians , why you people hating on my doll my pet my @tontoh_shaa I thought dolls are meant to be taking care of almost every body was giving dolls when growing as a child so what is the problem if i decided to give TONTOH a rich treat dose that make me useless or an evil person come on brethren’s don’t jump into conclusions coz most Africans think there is VODOO in everything produce by a man.

Have any of you seen spirits before ? Because you read stories about gods and your imagination scares you .Listen my people this is 21 century civilization is real update your life stay happy do good to people don’t worry about every one just do the little you can say your prayers to God he will give you signs don’t worry about negativities it come with believe .”


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