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Not All Ladies Are Cheat (Read This)

Hello, fellow readers.

I remembered a young lady I met when I was still working in the bank, her name was Rita. She was an I.T student and was doing her industrial training in my bank.

The bad thing about the male colleagues in my workplace is that they can sleep with anything as long as it in skirt.

Most of them seem to get their ways with the female colleagues, and they even go as far as passing them down to other male colleagues.

Which was very bad, as they saw it as a game.

One day while in the cafeteria eating, Rita came in the microwave her food, she asked if she could sit close to me, I agreed, and we started talking.

It was then she asked me the question that made me burst into laughter.

“Why is it that all the men here cannot think of anything other than asking me out?”

It was so bad that not only did the head of operations ask her out but also the branch manager who promised to retain her even when she finishes with her school.

Not only did she decline every one of them, but even when I asked her to try to play along with them in other to eat their money, she also refused.

I was so impressed with her that we became so close to the extent that my colleagues started calling me her boyfriend, and were even asking if I could give them the charm I used in getting her.

When she finally finished her I.T, I congratulated her for being so chaste all through and told her that her man will be very lucky to have her.

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