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6 Types Of Nigerian Guys After They Cum While Having Sex – (No. 4 Are Very Useless)

While having sex, the moment you’re about to cum is a spiritual moment and the most enjoyable moment of sex 

That moment, when the sperm is coming from the sperm bank to enter the pipe in your pr!ck to the moment the milk starts pumping out is full of ecstasy.
After you cum, your body go calm down, and what you do next after you cum depends on your personalitybody system, the babe you’re having sex with, and a whole lot of other factors.
Based on research from a good number of Nigerian girls, we bring to you this post about 6 types of Nigerian guys after they cum.
Read and tell us the category you belong to.

Here Are 6 Types Of Nigerian Guys After They Cum While Having Sex:-

1. The Cum Once & Sleep

You see these types of guys are the ones that will say “sex no be food, I am okay with one round“.
Baba shut up, your Pepsi don too much, that’s why you cannot go more than one round, na jedi-jedi na hin wan finish you so.
It’s understandable if you’re a rich sugar daddy of 50 years old and above, why will a 27-year old guy cum once and sleep? E no make any sense!!
If you’re in this category, you better work on yourself, it’s not normal especially if you one round no con dey last.

2. The Marathon Racer

I know guys in this category, it’s just as if, God built their body for sex only.
They have the ability to continue even after they already cum. If they are not changing condom, these kinds of guys don’t stop even after cumming oo.
Anyways, if you are a girl and you find these kinds of guy, keep him oo, we are not more than 3 in Nigeria.

3. The Pause & Play Guys

Majority of Nigerian guys are in this category, they can go as many rounds as possible if you give them some minutes to relax after they cum.
Once they pause for 2 minutes after they cum, they can go again and again for as many times as their strength can carry.
If you are in this category, you’re normal especially if you don’t have to take anything to perform like this.

4. The Questionaire Guys

Those in this category are not always sure of themselves or maybe they want to be sure they have satisfied the girl after sex.
Abi which one is, did I shit your womb? Did I make you cum? Did you enjoy it?
Alaye shut up, don’t kill the babe with foolish questions, shebi you don do the rubbish you wan do?

5. The Use It And Play Guys

If you cannot use the prick and play or pull the nipples, these kinds of guys will not go another round when they cum.
These are guys that stress babes to go another round when they cum, they’d go like, babe help me play with it na.
Oya, rub ithold itsuck itsuck my nipple, lick my anus just to activate for another round.
Brother Getat!! if you cannot activate yourself again.

6. Team Shalaye FC

These ones always have things to say if they cum quickly or last in bed.
In a situation when they cum fast, you’d be hearing excuses like; baby it’s because I have been driving since morningit’s because of the fufu I ateit’s because I put my mind there – Alaye shut up, you’re just a bloody one-minute man. 
In situations when they last well well in bed, you will hear things like; I didn’t use anything, that’s how we use to last in bed in our familyMy father’s grandpa was made a king because of how he used to last in bed in those days.
Strong men, like us we don’t need to do studio mixing and mastering before we last in bed.
Na lie oo, baba don mix plenty weyrey together, e con dey make dey mouth. Shut up joor!

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