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Woman Stabs Roommate For Telling Her To Stop Doing This (Photo)

An Upper East Side woman was nearly stabbed to death by her roommate for telling her to stop drinking so much.

27-year-old Daria Alyabyeva stabbed 31-year-old Tatiana Nazarinova with a meat knife after being confronted about her alcohol use. The two had lived together in California together years ago, but Alyabyeva’s drinking problem had became a problem.
Nazarinova told the New York Daily News that she wanted to help Alyabyeva get back on her feet when she came to the New York, because they are both Russians. She revealed that she tried getting Alyabyeva a job, but she will however drink during her interviews. She further claimed her alcohol use worsened amid the Coronavirus pandemic.
The lady reportedly confronted her roommate about drinking on April 19, but was met with violence that nearly cost her life. She said she begged her Alabyeva to call police after she stabbed her, but she responded “No, die b****.” Alabyeva fled, and Nazarinova called 911.

Nazarinova said:-

“I tried to push her away. It was so fast, and dark in the hallway.”
“My hip was fountaining blood. I was like ‘Please stop, please stop.
“I literally realized I’m probably gonna die because I was losing so much blood. I saw something coming out of my abdomen, I guess it was my intestine.
“I’m a good person I don’t deserve this. I gave her food, I gave her clothes, I gave her everything. I promised myself and my parents and my friends that I’m not gonna deal with this person ever again. She was acting really really crazy and wild.”

Cops tracked down and arrested Alabyeva nine days after the stabbing, charging her with attempted murder and assault.
She remains held on Rikers Island on $750,000 bond.
Nazarinova on her own part needed a massive blood transfusion and two surgeries. She was sliced and stabbed in the arm, shoulder, hands and face. One of her arteries was also ruptured.

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