She Left Me Because I Was Broke, A Month Later I Became A Millionaire, Should I Accept Her Back? - Nigelzient



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She Left Me Because I Was Broke, A Month Later I Became A Millionaire, Should I Accept Her Back?

Happy new week to everyone!!

I’m here to share my little story please I’m not a good writer so I’d plead you accept my typos and grammatical errors with love grin
So I have this babe I’ve been dating for the past 2 years…we were so in love with each other, inseparable, we had plans to get married and have kids.
Everything was going fine she is very ambitious hardworking and never settle for less.
On my part I am trying my best too in terms of hustling and performing my duties as a guy in the relationship.
My girl friend was very supportive financially whenever i get broke she make sure I never lack I also do the same too.
Along the line I started noticing changes in her attitude towards me( this time I was extremely broke) she doesn’t do any chores at home whenever she’s around she will watch me cook, wash the plates, sweep the house (even carry leg up for me) while she sit and chat.
I never took it personal at first, after all it’s not a bad thing if I do these things.
But it became a constant thing and I told her but she started yelling and telling me it’s my right to do it what if she’s not around. That’s when I knew something is wrong somewhere.
My girl friend lost her respect for me gradually because I couldn’t cater for her needs anymore she was the one spending….one day I stumbled on her phone and saw her chat with her best friend where she reported me to her and insulted me blue black telling her friend how she’s tired of me, how she’s never gonna settle down with me, how she is thinking of dating a married man to take care of her, how I’m useless etc.
I saw these things and kept quiet I didn’t show it that I saw anything.  I still played and gist with her if she’s in the mood.
Fast forward to one day she chated me on whatsapp saying she want an end to the relationship and we are not good for each other because I’m lacking behind and she’s no more a kid.
She needs to make reschedule her life and take right decisions, then we spiting was on of her right decisions.
She blocked me and warned me never to call her line again. I was pained I cried I was extremely hurt because I didn’t have anyone else I felt like shiit I became depressed and fvcked up totally.
My friends came to my aid stayed with me and helped me to stop thinking….thankfully it worked cos I was spending time with them we go out drink, have fun, gist laugh etc. it was exactly four weeks after she left I played a bet 9ja game staking 500naira just 15 games to win 5.6million naira.
Lo and behold the game ticket won.
My people I wan mad I won N5.6m that was my 5th time of playing it I’m not really a player like that except I’m forced to. I went to their office and I was credited I sat down in my house with broad smile always knowing I’m a millionaire.
I thought of calling her but my friends wouldn’t allow me then I thought of what she did to me and decided to lock up and I was like fvck it.
I don’t know if taking her back is a good option or should I just move on with my life.
(She doesn’t know my status yet)

What Should I Do?

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